Short Hairstyles With Highlights And Lowlights

Shortcut can not only make a lady look younger than her age, but also help her create an elegant, eye-catching and unforgettable image. Shortcuts gain in popularity with women day by day – they require no special skills for styling them as well as look excellent no matter what. If you are willing to change your image completely, however, don’t want to change your cut, then you can try to add highlights and lowlights to your hair in order it to look shiny, airy and incredibly glowy.

Let’s consider some pros of short hairstyles with highlights and lowlights:

  • As opposed to a standard one color hair, such technique makes it possible for you to create a stylish, unforgettable image and stand out from the crowd. If you are willing to create a more natural look, then it’s suggested to dye thin strands of hair.
  • It’s not required to dye your hair every two months in order it to look good. The technique makes it impossible to see whether hair roots have already grown and let you dye your hair not that often.
  • Highlights and lowlights will not only help you change the image completely but also become more confident and look brilliant no matter what even not styling the hair every single day.
  • Such technique is perfect for ladies with any hair length – short, medium-length and long.

Short Hairstyles With Highlights And Lowlights: Basic Types

Here are a few types stylists recommend when willing to create a unique look:

  1. Californian highlights. Such technique is suitable for both blondes and brunettes. Californian highlights create a faded, sun-kissed effect which looks perfect on short hair. Stylists usually use hazelnut shades on blondes, while honey and caramel hues are used on brunettes in order to create a spectacular look.
  2. American technique. Given technique is a catch for girls who like experimenting with hairstyles. American technique can make an image more vivid and eye-catching – a stylist may combine up to 5 hues in order to reach the desired result. Giving preference to this technique, you can dye strands of hair in diverse colors starting from yellow and ending with blue one.
  3. Balayage. Balayage is a godsend for each woman who is willing to change her look completely. This is one of the most widespread techniques most ladies give preference to. It’s not surprising balayage has gained in popularity so fast – it looks incredible on any hair length; ladies with the shortest cuts may choose such technique and look fantastic.
  4. Majimeche highlights. This technique creates natural golden blonde highlights and makes hair look even shinier and healthier. Choosing such technique, you can lighten hair strands by up to 5 levels.


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